See what great things our awesome Murfreesboro patients have to say about us!

Even at my wedding a year ago, I couldn’t smile because of the embarrassment of my teeth. Dr. Nicholson made me feel comfortable and relaxed on my first visit. He gave me several different options to think about and get back to him… I did just that and I’m so glad I did. He not only did a wonderful job in restoring my teeth so I can smile with pride, he was also gentle and aware of my concerns. Now all I do is smile. Thank you so much for giving back to me the confidence to smile again. Your professionalism and expertise by far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend Dr. Nicholson to my friends.

Russell C.

When I came in, my teeth were so embarrassing that I could not smile, get a job, etc. Dr. Nicholson and his staff were very helpful and not judgmental. It was pain free and when I get dental insurance I will be back for everything. I am happy my girls look at me and they know I am happy more than I have been in a very long time. Thank you Dr. Nicholson and staff. You all are the best ever.

Stephanie Y.

Dear Dr. Nicholson,

We want to thank you for all your efforts you made in getting the money from the insurance company. You are one in a million and your perseverance paid off.

Thanks again,

Billy and Cleve R.

I can surely say that Dr. Greg Nicholson is a great and painless dentist. Crown, Root canal, numerous fillings, and rebuilt tooth can testify.

Kurin D.

I am thrilled with my new beautiful smile (can’t smile enough). Everyone, Dr. Nicholson was fabulous and so thoughtful. Thank you so much for making me feel confident and happy with my smile and total makeover.

Robbie G.

Dear Dr. Nicholson,

It was nice meeting you and your staff. I am sure you know the most up to date dentistry and would do excellent work. I told my sister when I got home how nice all of you were. Thank you for your kindness.


Jane J.

I’ve had so many uncomfortable experiences with going to the dentist in the past that I almost gave up on finding the right dentist for my treatment. Dr. Nicholson is the dentist to go to, and I’m so thankful I found him. I never felt judged and that alone left a huge impression on me. Being able to have a whole new smile created for me has already turned my outlook on many things around after only three weeks! I don’t have to worry if others are staring for bad reasons. Now I know if they are looking at my smile, they are seeing art! I love my smile and I love actually being able to smile without worry for the first time in years.

Thank you!

Jessica F.

Dear Dr. Nicholson,

I wanted to thank you for seeing me on such short notice when my gum was infected. You are so very kind. I insist y’all accept this for my visit. I did get a job at HCA in Nashville as an internal auditor. As soon as my benefits start, I will be in for a checkup and cleaning. Again, I want to thank you for the kindness you extended to me in my hour of need. I owe you one!


Mary C.

Dear Dr. Nicholson,

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy. Phil. 1 & 3.

To say how thankful I am for you and all the work you have put into my teeth is an understatement. The truth is, I’m not sure if I could ever express how blessed and humbled I am that you would take on a case as big as mine. Thank you for all the hard work and I hope God blesses you tremendously.

In Christ

Jacqui P.

Dr. Nicholson,

Thanks so much to you and your staff for the wonderful care you gave my father.


Nicole F.

Dr. Nicholson and Staff,

Thank you for the emergency care that you extended to our son, Rob. We were visiting family in your area and en route to North Carolina, when the problem arose. We were relieved to get it taken care of before continuing with our vacation.

The people of Murfreesboro are fortunate to have such caring professionals in their midst. We are certainly grateful you were available to help.

Thank you,

Bob, Susie, Rob & Sam J.

Dear Dr. Nicholson,

A dentist with excellent skill and technique, while being warm, calming, and caring. Remembering my back injury when changing chair positions and doing my dental care and teeth cleaning in stages to keep me comfortable. You have mastered the science and art of dentistry and I thank you for being the special dentist and person you are and surrounding yourself with a staff that excels at their jobs while adding that special human touch.

Pamela C.

Dr. Nicholson,

I wanted to say thank you for looking at my son Justin’s teeth. It is nice to see such generosity anymore.

Thanks from Lance, Lina, Erica, Taylor & Justin G.

Dear Dr. Nicholson & Staff,

Thank you so much for taking my elderly mother in your care at the last minute and referring her to an oral surgeon. We so appreciate your patience and kindness. It was a good experience for her and she is doing well!


Tammy W.

Dear Dr. Nicholson,

Just a line to thank you for the extra time you took to explain my tooth problem. My daughter phoned and joins me in expressing appreciation for your kindness to me.


Miss Ada M.

Dear Dr. Nicholson,

Thank you for all the good healthcare from you and your staff. You are the best dentist I’ve ever had. Thanks also for your kindness yesterday.


Sandra S.

Dr. Nicholson and Staff,

All of you are my heroes! No one ever wanted to help me with my smile! You have given me the best thing anyone could! The courage to smile again! I haven’t stopped since Tuesday! You will always be a hero to me! You made my dream come true!

All my thanks,

Shelley W.

Dr. Nicholson and Staff,

Thank you so much for my wonderful experience at your office! You guys are the best!

Your friend,

Melody B.

Dr. Nicholson & Staff

We just wanted to say thank you for a great experience with you for Dillon’s teeth. We appreciate you working with us and our crazy teenage schedule. You worked around us and made his visits quick and productive for our needs. Thanks again!

Kelli D. and family

Dear Dr. Nicholson

I wanted to personally thank you for the final results of the dental work that you completed in November of this year. I understand that you were instrumental in coordinating everything from extractions, braces, the SSRO, and the final crown/bridge. I appreciate the fact that you were persistent in making sure that everything looked appropriate prior to cementing my permanent bridge work.

At each office visit, I felt as if I was treated very well (with as little pain as possible). Everyone in the office was very kind and helpful. I am extremely happy with the final outcome and would highly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again.

Russell C.

Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for Marina’s cards. Brought tears to my eyes. Really! Caring friends are helping me get through this. Will have biopsy surgery next week I hope. Then I’ll know one way or the other. Hoping for the best.

Friends always,


Dr. Nicholson and his staff were exceptional in working with us. I greatly appreciate the kindness and hard work the office manager provided with checking our insurance company, which helped us financially.

My boys were having to wear a retainer because of permanent teeth that were missing. They were losing them as well. Teeth did not look good. Dr. Nicholson did an incredible job with making them false teeth. They look natural and beautiful. No more worries with trying to keep up with retainers! I would highly recommend Dr. Nicholson- he is a perfectionist when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Thanks!

Sheila B.

Dear Dr. Nicholson,

I am writing on behalf of the entire family to thank you for your generosity and for the outstanding level of care you provide as our dentist. We are so fortunate to have you as a friend and dentist.

Thanks again,

Julie B

From the very beginning, Dr. Nicholson and his entire staff made me feel right at home and really explained to me all my options. My new teeth have me smiling all day long. It’s honestly a dream come true.

Thank you so much!

Shantel W.

Very pleased and more comfortable with my smile. People notice something is different, just not sure what.


Dr. Nicholson, Vickie, Terri,

I really can’t express my deepest appreciation for the work each of you did for me. Each of you treated me with dignity and respect during my time shared with you, while knowing my dental work was donated because of my lack of finances and handicap. I thank each of you for giving me a beautiful smile.

With all Sincerity,

John M.