Your Guide to Dental Crowns


Dental crowns are a staple in most cosmetic dentistry clinics, but that doesn’t mean that they are only recommended for aesthetic purposes. They also aid in the restoration and strength of your teeth. Dentists may, in fact, prescribe you dental crowns if you go through certain minor dental procedures.

So, should you then get dental crowns? This article here is to help you find out. We will discuss the reasoning behind them, particularly what dentists and patients are saying about dental crowns. Then, we will look into the different types of crows that you may get. Look at this article as an opportunity to better your oral health and understand what it takes to perfect your smile. 

Reasons to Get Dental Crowns 

  • When you have stained teeth: Teeth whitening is what dentists usually use to get rid of tough stains on your teeth. However, there are permanent stains that are impossible to get rid of. Your dentist may then prescribe dental crowns to cover up your stained teeth. This will at least cover them up and prevent further staining. 
  • When your teeth structure is weak: Dental crowns also act as structural reinforcement for your teeth, strengthening them to allow your mouth to function properly. This is often the case for patients who underwent root canal implant placement and large teeth fillings. Consider your dentist’s professional recommendation to help you better decide on the perfect solution for your situation. 
  • When your dentist sees it as a necessary procedure: Dentists may also recommend dental crowns when they consider the long-term oral health of your teeth. They may want to protect the structural integrity. Your age and lifestyle are also huge factors in this decision. Rely on your dentist’s professional recommendation and consider other dental solutions or procedures, if there are any. 

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns come in two basic types: permanent and temporary. Permanent crowns are made of durable metals that have been shaped appropriately to the patient’s teeth. They are made to withstand wear and tear. Temporary crowns are made of pliable materials shaped according to the dental procedure. They may also be viable substitutes until the dentist can produce and install permanent crowns. 

There are a number of dental crown materials available that you and your dentist may consider. Take note of the following: 

  • Resin: Resin crowns are usually made for more temporary applications. They lose their form more easily than other more permanent metal crowns. This is why resin crowns are relatively cheaper and can easily be prepared in the dental laboratory or at the dental clinic. 
  • Metal or metallic: Metal crowns are usually made of a mix of metal alloys like cobalt-chromium, gold, and nickel. They are more specialized and take a while to prepare in the dental facility or clinic, depending on the dentist’s supplier. Metal crowns are more permanent and durable, which makes them one of the more expensive options. 
  • Ceramic or porcelain: Ceramic or porcelain crowns are high-end, quality options made to match the natural color of your teeth. They are thus a more popular choice for the front teeth. Ceramic or porcelain crowns are also the best alternatives for dental patients who are allergic to the metal alloys of metallic crowns. Most cosmetic dentistry clinics are able to produce these crowns. However, take note that it may take a while to make them. 

Get dental crowns today! 

Dental crowns are made to help keep your smile perfect, but they have legitimate benefits in overall oral health and the lifespan of your teeth. There are different types to consider, depending on your dentist’s professional recommendation, budget, and personal preferences. Visit your local cosmetic dentist today to get in on this crowning achievement! 

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