What Should Patients Consider Before Getting a Dental Crown?


Breaking a tooth is never a good sign. It only means that cavities and decay have weakened the teeth’ structure for quite some time now. However, what’s more concerning is breaking your crown or the part of the teeth protruding through the gums. Maybe it’s time to visit the best dentist near you.

But since damaged teeth is a common occurrence in the world of dentistry, dentists have found ways to still protect a patient’s tooth even without the crown acting as the primary protective layer. Although considered more of a cosmetic procedure for broken teeth, dental crowns are effective methods in saving teeth if tooth fillings fail to support the failing tooth. But for getting a dental crown for the first time, what factors do they need to consider before having them installed?

1. Purpose

Aside from its primary purpose of protecting a weak tooth, dentists can also use dental crowns to restore a broken tooth, cover a tooth with a large filling, hold a dental bridge in place, cover a dental implant, and surround a tooth-treated with a root canal.

Dental crowns are also helpful in situations where the teeth in question are cracked or broken. The procedure can coincide with other dental procedures, like after a root canal treatment. However, people get dental crowns installed for cosmetic reasons, hiding discolored or misshapen teeth from sight.

2. Procedure

On average, getting dental crowns does not take up much time. However, it does require multiple dental visits, from scanning the patient’s teeth to creating a model for them. Usually, taking the impression to create a replica of the teeth will take a bit of time. But it is a crucial part of the process as it can make or break the crown placed on the patient’s tooth.

Lastly, fitting usually takes up much time as dentists would like to ensure that the crowns they installed fit ideally in the patient’s mouth. It’s also best to check the bite and jaw placement after the crowns get installed to avoid any issues in the future.

3. Materials

Like other artificial teeth accessories, dental crowns can come in different materials with varying strengths and weaknesses. For example, metal and stainless-steel crowns are the most durable option available. However, they are too apparent due to their color, texture, and finish.

Meanwhile, all-ceramic crowns are the closest look patients can get to a natural tooth. They are also the most popular material for dental crowns. On the other hand, porcelain crowns bring the strength of metal crowns together with a porcelain outer shell. As a result, patients get a more durable yet natural-looking dental crown. Lastly, an all-resin crown would suit patients on a tight budget. Although they are affordable, they are still durable and can handle minor breakage or light impacts.


Overall, choosing a dental crown in terms of material and purpose should depend on the user’s lifestyle. In a way, it should complement the patient’s daily routine instead of inhibiting them from doing what they are used to. By consulting the best dentist near you, patients should always get the best fit and structure of a dental crown based on their preferences.

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