Top 4 Reasons for Regular Dental Cleanings You Can’t Ignore


After reading this article’s title, you may think, But I brush and floss daily! That’s reason enough not to visit a Murfreesboro dentist for regular tooth cleaning! That means you’re part of the remaining 42 percent who only see their dentists whenever a sharp pain occurs in their mouth or teeth.

If you’re still reading at this point, this one’s for you! You need to regularly visit your Murfreesboro dentist for these top reasons you can’t keep ignoring!

Overall Oral Health

The first thing your dentist will do is examine your teeth and gums with a mirror. This process gives them the lowdown on what’s been happening in your oral cavity and how best they can treat it should a more severe problem present itself. 

Murfreesboro dentists don’t just poke around there for compliance! It’s for your good!

Plaque, Tartar, and Decay Removal

Once they have scanned your pearly whites and perky pinks (gums), they’ll use a scaler or an ultrasonic calculus remover to get rid of plaque and tartar. Plaque is that thin, rough film on the enamel that builds up after eating starchy, sugary foods that remain even after consistent brushing.

Tartar, on the other hand, is hardened plaque that gathers around your gums, spreads on the spaces between teeth and gums, and can also reduce your gumline! 

Decay is bacteria that penetrate the tooth’s enamel and infect healthy teeth and root tissue.

Even consistent brushing and flossing won’t eliminate these dental problems as those tools are only for maintenance. They are not designed for deep cleaning or spot-checking a particular area. Only a dentist equipped with a scaler and ultrasonic calculus remover can successfully remove these buildups to ensure peak oral health.

How do you do that? By showing up to your dental appointment.

Tooth Buffing

This is just a fancy way of saying polishing. Dentists will use gritty toothpaste and a polishing tool with stiff bristles to easily remove remaining plaque and other debris once they are done with the scaler or calculus remover. The gritty toothpaste also contains the right amount of chemicals to clean between the teeth and gums when performing the following procedure.

Professional Tooth Flossing

After they polish your teeth, some toothpaste residue will remain in your mouth if your dentist doesn’t instruct you to rinse. This is when they begin flossing between the teeth and gums. Why? The toothpaste chemicals don’t just clean your pearly whites, but they also keep your perky pinks in good shape, too! Flossing helps this solution enter your gumline and fight off any remaining bacteria while also removing unseen food particles between teeth. 

Lack of flossing contributes significantly to gum disease since food debris can lodge between teeth and gum spaces. This is probably why you encounter a red-tinged toothbrush or a scarlet floss thread now and then. Bloody teeth and gums mean they are fighting an infection below the gumline. 

For close-to-professional in-home flossing, brush your teeth first, don’t rinse, then floss with the fluoride still in your mouth. Do this once daily, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your gums. They won’t bleed or puff up anymore because you’ve successfully rid them of bacteria.

Flossing also prevents plaque and tartar buildup at the back of your teeth. If you suffer from crowding, pull the floss thread up and down a few times until you no longer feel roughness through your tongue.

In Conclusion: See Your Dentist

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular dentist visits can deal with advanced gum disease, tooth decay, and calculus deposits. Book your appointments bi-annually to keep your pearly whites and perky pinks in the best oral health possible!

Now that we’ve convinced you to see a Murfreesboro dentist, schedule your first regular cleaning with Cosmetic Dentistry of Murfreesboro right now! We’re a clinic founded by Dr. Greg Nicholson, a dental expert who’s been brightening smiles for over 25 years. Book an appointment today!