How Veneers Can Make You Look More Youthful


There’s nothing that makes your face shine brighter than a beautiful smile. Out of the many features on your face, your teeth say plenty about your appearance. While whiter and straighter teeth will make you look younger, stained and misaligned teeth tend to age you significantly. Many teeth whitening products can effectively brighten your teeth, but most of these are temporary and will wear off with time. Ceramic veneer teeth are a more permanent solution that can give your teeth a polished look. If you’re someone that wants to look more youthful, then getting veneers may just be the right cosmetic dental choice for you.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are a thin material fitted and over the front of your teeth. Typically made of porcelain, these shells are custom-made to help you achieve a more beautiful yet natural-looking smile. Unique treatment plants are often given to patients to help them achieve the best possible results. This includes preparing the teeth for the design and manufacturing process of the veneers at a specialist laboratory. Once prepared, the patient can return to the clinic to have them bonded.

Here are several ways that veneers can make you look fresher and more youthful. 

Fixing Discoloration

In the same way that skin tone contributes to a youthful glow, so does the color of teeth. Discoloration of the teeth is a natural part of aging. While peroxide can lift the overall shade of your teeth, it may not be able to remove the genetic blemishes and spots from decalcification caused by water and some medicines.

Closing Tooth Gaps

Dental veneers can also close any tooth gaps. Unless you’re going for a high-fashion look à la Vanessa Paradis, then getting veneers to fill those gaps might be the better option for you. People with smaller teeth also tend to look older, and veneers can help by giving them well-shaped enamel. It makes one look younger by achieving an almost facelift-like effect.

Veneers can last many years if well taken care of. Part of keeping them well maintained is by religiously attending your examinations and cleaning sessions so that trained professionals can give them the proper care required.

Cover Chips and Cracks

Similar to the way they cover gaps, veneers can also hide any chips and cracks in your teeth. Tooth breakage ages you because it suggests weaker or more brittle bones, which is indicative of growing older. Veneers are an excellent dental solution to cover up these imperfections without needing extractions or repairs.

What to Expect When Getting Veneers

There are several things you should prepare beforehand after making an appointment with the best dentist near you to fit your veneers.

The first step is minor tooth preparation. Your dentist will usually remove some enamel first to prepare the tooth surface and ensure the application is smooth. There is no need to worry since it is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t involve any pain. 

Your dentist will then choose a set of veneers that will give you the best vibrant yet realistic smile. A special resin is applied between your teeth and veneers then hardened using a laser. The process is complete, and you can now enjoy a newer and fresher smile.


Aging is a natural part of life, but many people would prefer to do it gracefully. This includes looking your best and retaining some of that youthful glow where possible. If you’re looking after your skin, hair, and overall health, then it might be helpful to also prioritize your teeth’s appearance, especially if they’re starting to make you look older than you really are. Veneers are an excellent and convenient way to achieve a more youthful appearance, and soon, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

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