Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Chipping


Biting too hard or chewing on something really tough can result in chips of teeth breaking off from your pearly whites. These happen to everyone at some point in their lives, most likely when they get older, since your teeth become more vulnerable over time without proper care. You might even find yourself chipping a tooth on a regular basis each year, which signals the need for a cosmetic dentist.

What are the reasons for chipped teeth and how can you deal with them?

Reasons for Chipped Teeth

There are top three reasons why your pearly whites chip off and require a cosmetic dentist to solve the problem: 

  • Chewing on Tough, Non-Food Items: Let’s go deeper into this one. The surest way to damage and chip your teeth is to chew on hard things. Remember, your teeth are designed to chew on soft foods, not your fingernails, ice, or some jawbreakers. 

If you habitually do any of these things, make a concerted effort to stop, or else you’ll rack up a hefty bill from your cosmetic dentist.

  • Grinding: Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding can lead to much worse issues such as broken and fractured teeth. Grinding down chewing surfaces makes them more prone to chipping when you clench your jaw and apply pressure.

A common symptom of grinding is chipped teeth, which occurs when the enamel and chewing surfaces are worn down to a point where the tooth has almost no protection against biting pressure. You may not notice that you are grinding your teeth, as most people grind their teeth while sleeping.

A good way to correct tooth grinding is by investing in a mouth guard customized for you. This can help alleviate the pressure on your teeth and mouth. This customized mouth guard also doubles as a retainer that keeps your teeth in the proper position, while protecting them from further damage.

  • Lack of Nutrients: Cosmetic dentists can’t get all the blame for chipped teeth if you’re not giving them the necessary nutrients. To keep your teeth strong and healthy, you must get enough nutrients, like calcium and fluoride. Calcium keeps your teeth strong and resistant to damage from bacteria in your mouth. Fluoride helps protect your teeth from bacteria.

You can prevent this by eating lots of dairy products since these are good for your teeth and make sure you brush with a fluoride-containing paste every day. You can also get all the fluoride you need by drinking fluoridated water. To repair damaged teeth, your dentist can use fillings to restore strength.

Reasons for Repairing Chipped Teeth

Cosmetic dentists exist precisely for repairing patients’ chipped pearly whites. You can live with broken teeth, but they lead to more risks than benefits. Here are why you should get them fixed immediately:

  • Broken teeth negatively impact the pulp, making them extremely sensitive and difficult to chew on even the softest of foods.
  • Chipped pearly whites are more prone to bacterial and cavity infections or tooth decay due to enamel loss. Eventually, they will require a root canal or complete tooth replacement.
  • Chipped teeth also result in sharp edges that can cut your tongue, gums, and cheek. Over time, these open wounds fester and result in painful mouth sores or infections.

These open wounds and infections will also result in foul-smelling breath.


A cosmetic dentist is the expert you need to visit for chipped tooth repairs. These procedures typically take less than an hour and involve one or more small procedures. Your dentist will discuss your options with you during your visit. Minor chips can be filed down or held in place by a dermal bond. However, more extensive damage and breakage typically require more in-depth repair methods, such as replacing the entire damaged tooth.

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