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Cosmetic Dentistry of Murfreesboro remains committed to providing a safe, clean, comfortable experience for our patients. Sometimes, that means taking additional measures to ensure their comfort. Through our partners at Nashville Office-Based Anesthesia (NOBA), we offer sedation dentistry for all services and procedures, right here in our office. NOBA’s team of board-certified anesthesiologists complement our full range of services, helping us create unique care plans for each member of your family.

Known as the “Gentle Giant” dentist in Murfreesboro, Dr. Nicholson is sensitive to the specific dental health needs of each generation, from kids to seniors. With NOBA’s licensed anesthesiologists, Dr. Nicholson offers patients the option of sedation, which works exceptionally well for those who:

    • experience dental anxiety or high-sensitivity to sights, smells, and sounds
    • struggle with sitting still
    • require more intricate or multiple procedures
    • have special needs
    • gag easily, or have a low pain threshold

Sedation dentistry is an option for all services at any age, including: cleanings and x-rays, Invisalign® (clear braces), bridges, veneers, crowns, and bonding.

Sedation Dentistry in Murfreesboro

Achieve a true “knock-out smile” (even if you’re afraid of needles!)

Many methods fall under the umbrella of “sedation dentistry,” including laughing gas, medications, and intravenous drips. NOBA’s licensed anesthesiologists provide a “true-sleep” experience, using state-of-the-art IV equipment that not only relaxes you, it keeps you completely unconscious while Dr. Nicholson gently works. You will feel no pain during the procedure, and likely will have no memory of it when you wake up.

What you can expect:

  • The attending anesthesiologist will personally call the night before the procedure to answer any questions you may have.
  • When you arrive for your appointment the next day, Dr. Nicholson and your board-certified anesthesiologist will spend a few extra minutes to walk you through the steps of your procedure and address any lingering questions you may have.
  • Because this type of sedation is performed through an IV, be sure to alert Dr. Nicholson and your attending anesthesiologist to any additional concerns, including fear of needles that you (or the patient, if you’re a parent or guardian) may have.
  • Alternative steps can be taken in order for the patient to receive an IV without adding anxiety to their experience, particularly for those with needle phobias. If you’re interested, just ask.
  • Your anesthesiologist remains with you throughout the entire procedure, carefully monitoring your heart rate, oxygen level, pulse, and continued level of sedation.
  • Make sure someone age 18 or older will be available to drive you home, since you will likely feel groggy for several hours.

Is IV sedation safe for children, or those with special needs? This is a common question, and the short answer is yes. The licensed anesthesiologists at NOBA follow specific protocols to administer the IV with precision. We also screen in advance for a number of issues that may affect this protocol, including certain medications and medical history, as an additional safety precaution.

In fact, with IV sedation, many procedures take less time because there is no risk of “active tongue,” increased salivation, and other conditions often encountered during routine procedures. Together with the board-certified, licensed anesthesiologists at NOBA, Dr. Nicholson offers the best sedation dentistry experience in Murfreesboro!

What else makes us the best place for sedation dentistry in Murfreesboro?

We respect your time and preferences:

  • No double-bookings (whole-family appointments are available)
  • No waiting for us—but no rush for you
  • No stairs to climb, even outside
  • No hunting, stalking, or squeezing for a parking space

Dr. Nicholson and his team are the stand-out favorite for porcelain dental crowns in Murfreesboro. In fact, Cosmetic Dentistry of Murfreesboro has received the esteemed Ruthies® award five years running as Rutherford County’s favorite dentist!

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Because we are a locally owned and operated restorative dentist office in Murfreesboro, each step of your patient experience is guided by a live human being (remember those?). For your convenience, you may download paperwork or book appointments online . . . but we’re not a chain, nor owned by an outside investor, so you remain our top priority.

As our restorative dentistry patient, you receive our undivided attention—that’s our promise.

How much does sedation cost?

Cosmetic Dentistry of Murfreesboro accepts payment in cash, checks, and most major credit cards. And we’re happy to file your insurance; however, we strongly encourage you to check with your provider in advance of your appointment regarding any network requirements.

Affordable payment plans and online payments are also available through CareCredit®.

See? We give you many reasons to smile.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a free consultation and together, we’ll design a customized plan that fits your schedule, budget, and most importantly, your goals.

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