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When teeth are damaged or broken, crowns are usually the recommended repair; if a tooth or several teeth are missing entirely, however, a dental bridge may be your best option.

Losing a single tooth or multiple teeth from injury or decay not only has an effect on self-confidence, it can affect one’s speech, the ability to chew, and the surrounding teeth may shift out of alignment. A dental bridge resolves all of these issues.

Simply put, a dental bridge consists of a series of crowns or “caps”; some of the crowns cover the gap created by the missing teeth, and another crown is placed over each tooth that sits on either side of the gap, anchoring the “bridge” from both sides.

Dental bridges look natural, are easy to care for, and serve as a permanent solution to restoring your smile.

We close the gap—literally!

Cosmetic Dentistry of Murfreesboro uses the latest technological advancements in restorative dentistry to produce comfortable fixed dental bridges that are virtually unbreakable. Learn why our dental bridges are distinctly different, in terms of quality: 

As a full-service dental design studio, our family-friendly, patient-focused approach makes us the top choice for dental bridges in Murfreesboro. During your free consultation, Dr. Nicholson will talk through the options available to you, answer questions, and offer his professional recommendation. If you decide to move forward with a dental bridge, we’ll schedule another office visit.

At your first appointment, Dr. Nicholson will shape the teeth on both sides of the gap and take an impression of the space. A temporary bridge will be inserted while your permanent bridge is built. This temporary bridge protects the teeth that have been prepared.

Your return visit will include a final fitting with the fixed dental bridge, which is usually ready in under two weeks. The bridge is carefully adjusted to fit properly and comfortably before permanent placement. And since dental health education is one of the most valuable tools we provide our patients, we will make sure you know how to properly care for your dental bridge before you leave that day (and take it from our pediatric patients, we make it fun!).

Known as the “Gentle Giant” dentist in Murfreesboro, Dr. Nicholson takes great care to make exams, any necessary extractions or shaping, and procedures as pain-free as possible—so expect him to take a few minutes to address any concerns you may have upfront, and walk you through each step of the procedure.

Dr. Nicholson applies the same expertise when additional repairs are needed in the best interest of the patient’s health, like:

  • Tooth-colored fillings: Sometimes referred to as “composite” or “white” fillings, these are safe and durable when a cavity needs to be filled.
  • Dentures: Nicholson is a restorative dentistry artist! Each and every set is custom made for maximum comfort, whether you select permanent implants or traditional, removable dentures. He also repairs broken or loose-fitting dentures. Most denture repairs are ready same-day.
  • Root canals: Sometimes referred to as “endodontics,” root canals can save a tooth even when its soft interior (called the “pulp chamber”) becomes infected. Once we clean out what’s bothering your tooth, it will continue to function without the pain and sensitivity you were likely experiencing before the procedure.
  • Emergency care: Yes, call us. Yes, we will see you. Priority is given to regular patients.

Cosmetic Dentistry of Murfreesboro also offers a number of cosmetic dentistry services to achieve your best smile, including:

What else makes us the best restorative and cosmetic dentist office in Murfreesboro?

We respect your time and preferences:

  • No double-bookings (whole-family appointments are available)
  • No waiting for us—but no rush for you
  • No stairs to climb, even outside
  • No hunting, stalking, or squeezing for a parking space

Dr. Nicholson and his team are the stand-out favorite for dental bridges in Murfreesboro. In fact, Cosmetic Dentistry of Murfreesboro has received the esteemed Ruthies® award five years running as Rutherford County’s favorite dentist!

Dental Bridges in Murfreesboro

Because we are a locally owned and operated family dentistry office in Murfreesboro, each step of your patient experience is guided by a live human being (remember those?). For your convenience, you may download paperwork or book appointments online . . . but we’re not a chain, nor owned by an outside investor, so you remain our top priority

As our patient, you receive our undivided attention—that’s our promise.

How much does a dental bridge cost?

Cosmetic Dentistry of Murfreesboro accepts payment in cash, checks, and most major credit cards. And we’re happy to file your insurance; however, we strongly encourage you to check with your provider in advance of your appointment regarding any network requirements. Affordable payment plans and online payments are also available through CareCredit®.
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See? We give you many reasons to smile.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a free consultation and together, we’ll design a customized plan that fits your schedule, budget, and most importantly, your goals.

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