Dental Bridges in Murfreesboro Improve Chewing and Appearance


Keeping our teeth healthy and appealing is something we must invest in since it affects how we can confidently project ourselves in front of people. However, apart from looking good, you also need to care for your teeth for your general overall health.

If your teeth need fixing or replacement, act on them right away. Restorative dental procedures such as root canal, veneer teeth, or dental bridges may help in such a case.

Oral bridges are custom porcelain and metal bonded alternatives that may be utilized to enhance our dental appearance. They help us bridge two to three teeth at a time.

Dental bridges are usually paired with dental crowns, which are put over the bridges to provide extra support and the look of natural teeth. Dental implants and dental bridges are sometimes used simultaneously for individuals who are missing several teeth.

In many cases, a dental bridge is an ideal alternative for restoring damaged teeth, but not the only viable one. It is essential to bear in mind the details of the treatment when choosing dental bridges.

A dental bridge generally comprises two crowns, connected by a pontic, set on each side of a gap in the mouth. The specialist may utilize other materials, including gold, silver, porcelain, and even porcelain-bonded metals, to construct the bridge.

The fact that bridges may be made to match the color and form of our natural teeth gives us several benefits beyond merely improving our dental look. Here’s a closer look at what it can do for you:

  • Restores Normal Chewing

A missing tooth causes a shift in the mouth and a misplacement of your other teeth. This change may cause TMJ (Temporomandibular) disorder. These tooth gaps can also cause difficulties with eating and speaking.

It is pretty tough to overcome a severe chewing challenge and can result in worse problems for our general health. In other words, dental bridges allow people to chew food more effectively. The dental bridges might make it easier for you to chew your meals and assist your speed problems.

If neighboring teeth are left to move into a vacant area, it might create other issues, including an improper bite. It has been established that they can minimize vocal slurring and poor sound clarity due to gaps.

  • Improves Your Overall Look

Missing teeth can quickly affect face tissues, including cheeks and lips. Your face will seem aged and droopy as these tissues begin to sag. Using dental bridges as gap fillers inside your mouth can help support your face and restore its appeal.

Dental bridges help to restore the natural appearance of your mouth and smile. Another benefit of the treatment is that it restores talking clearly because missing teeth can make speech difficult. A dental bridge also prevents bone loss in the jaw from the lost tooth or teeth by maintaining the natural facial shape.

Dental bridges today are made to look as natural as possible, mimicking your natural teeth. With dental bridges, you can smile with elegance and confidence.

Some Reminders to Consider

  • You’ll have to watch what you eat for a period once your bridge is installed. Follow your dentist’s recommendations and make sure you know what you can and cannot eat in the days following your procedure(s).
  • Dental bridges are “permanent” since they are not removable like dentures, although they do not endure forever. The average bridge has a lifespan of five to seven years, but with appropriate care, some bridges may last for more than a decade. Material and technique advancements are expected to make them even more durable in the future. Even yet, how you care for your bridge may have a significant influence on how long it lasts.


Your teeth shouldn’t be something that hinders you from feeling and looking great. Boost your confidence and improve your overall well-being by going to your dentist today and get that winning smile of yours back!

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