Debunking Common Veneer Misconceptions


One of the best ways to improve the overall appearance of your smile is through the use of veneers. While they have been a rather common option for cosmetic dentistry for some years now, dental veneers have become even better nowadays, thanks to the advancements in dental technology and the numerous innovations that emerged from it.

Despite how great and innovative these dental solutions have become, people still attempt to avoid getting them—even if their teeth are in dire need of it! Unfortunately, there are still a number of common misconceptions that place fear in the minds of patients. To clear the air, here are some of those misconceptions and why they’re wrong:

  • Getting veneers is a painful process

An incredibly common myth surrounding veneers is that getting them is a rather painful process.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Most, if not all major dental procedures involve patients getting local anesthesia, which then leads to a numbing of the area where the teeth to be worked on are located. Aside from helping the patient feel quite relaxed, the veneer application will be fully free of any pain! If you get veneers and experience pain after, you’ll want to call on your dentist to see if any complications may have arisen.

  • Major tooth reconfiguration is necessary for veneer installation

Dentists will actually try their best to preserve as much of their patient’s natural teeth as they can. When a tooth is filed down, it is done so minimally, and only so that there is enough room for the veneer. Typically, it’s only just a quite small section from the tooth’s front that’s affected. This is also why veneers are generally preferred over crowns.

  • Veneers are incredibly obvious

One of the main discussions about veneers is whether or not they’re able to be detected by other people in the first place. The answer is no—they aren’t actually noticeable by others.

Given the aforementioned technological advances, it is now possible for dentists to give patients veneers that are customized and near-invisible. Those are made specifically to the color, shape, size, and thickness of the patient’s natural teeth.

  • Veneers are just meant for cosmetic purposes

People tend to fall under the impression that there are no medical benefits to getting veneers at all; it is often viewed as a purely cosmetic endeavor.

While veneers are generally used for the enhancement of smile appearances, they can actually do more than that. It is possible for them to be used as protection from damage or decay, given just how strong porcelain is. Veneers can also be used for building up teeth that are worn down.

Some other dental concerns that veneers can treat include:

– Discoloration

– Major gaps

– Misaligned teeth


Veneers have been around for some time, but so have certain misconceptions surrounding them. By educating yourself and finding out the reasons behind such notions can really bring to light why such oral health solutions are so important. If you’re still unsure about the safety and reliability of dental veneers, then it’s best to consult with a specialist near you.

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