Help Find Murfreesboro Dentist Lost on Internet Superhighway!

stuck in imac


A good friend of mine, who has a bit of an overactive imagination, has always talked about how he wants to have all of his memories and knowledge transferred into a computer so that he can continue existing after his body ceases.  Recently I have had the feeling that in some ways I have already begun that process.  You see, I have been working with that same friend of mine on improving “my web presence” for advertising/marketing purposes.  Those with more computer savvy than myself call that “search engine optimization” or SEO.  Basically, it all comes down to making sure that “the Big 3″ search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing) can find my website and that  the information I have there is relevant to the keywords being searched.  There are so many ways to boost that presence, but it seems that many of them involve entering most of my information over and over.  It has gotten to the point  that I have considered changing my name to Dr. Google Nicholson.  So, if you need an appointment to have your teeth cleaned or to have a mercury-free, white filling placed, you should be able to find me a little easier now.  I’ll be the guy living inside your computer!


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